Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snowflakes and the Social Justice Movement

He's about two years too late, but that it's Bill Browning making the observation this time that the activist left has gone too far is a pretty big deal given his sympathies to the social justice movement:
The progressive movement is suffering from the unseen blizzard of Special Snowflake Syndrome. A trend toward valuing the individual over the common good has resulted in unintended consequences. Pressured by academia, our method of organizing has gone from an assembly of individuals working together for the common good to a group of free spirits celebrating our collective individuality. Outside of academia, reality tells us that 108 billion people have lived on earth. You’re not that special, snowflake. “Intersectionality” is celebrated as a new theory involving separate personal identities instead of recognized as the age-old wisdom of making allies based on mutual interests. “Microaggressions” require mega responses completely out of proportion to any perceived slight. Our movement has become martyrs without a cause. Instead of viewing the world as a place that needs fixed, the new breed of activist only sees it as broken.
It's a little disingenuous to blame a trend of valuing "individuality" over group goals, given that what these activits identify with isn't their own specialness, per se, but their position on various axes of power. The more disempowered you can claim to be, the louder you can be expected to scream. Unoriginal, but but healthty to see someone so far to the left making the claim this time.