Saturday, March 19, 2016

The responsibility of working-class whites -- and middle-class liberals

It's behind a paywall now, but Kevin Williamson's Nation Review piece that went viral earlier in the week sparked a reaction of "quelle horreur!" from a number of middle-class liberals, and silence from the rest.

I could write a screed about the perceived moral failings of white working-class voters flocking to Donald Trump as some grand savior, because I see it daily, and as someone who falls between the cracks of being a "good" liberal who parrots all the "good liberal" talking points and the kind of stereotype Williamson abhors, I dread writing it. I painfully aware of the alienation that comes from being someone without a sense of hope, and also without a sense of community. Liberals would rather pull their own teeth than talk about class when it doesn't intersect with race. Having a conservative bow to the most stereotypical ideas of working-class whites gives them an easy excuse for vitriol, but it shouldn't let them off the hook.