Sunday, May 9, 2010

The music industry: just like every other industry

According to an article in the Guardian, the majority of people working behind the scenes in music are men -- 66%, to be exact. In London, women make up only 30%, and they're not making as much money as men in the same position. Nor do they have the same prestige as their male counterparts.

Sound familiar?

From the article:

"I think quite a few women can relate to this lack of desire to be the centre of attention, and it may partly explain why women like Estelle Axton, the co-founder of Stax Records, rarely get proper acknowledgment. But to this day there's also a certain sexism that exists in the music business. When I walk into a room, people naturally assume I'm Geoff's PA or his girlfriend,' says Lee. I can relate. I've stood with a group of men at a music convention when a female artist approached us, giving everyone except me a copy of her CD. Another attendee who worked at a label said she had been told they wanted female A&R scouts as they could flirt their way into tips'."

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