Friday, June 18, 2010

Links & Bits for 6/18/10

Money Can't Buy You Class (I Fry Mine In Butter)
P0plife analyzes (funnily) Countess LuAnn's (Real Housewives of NYC) video for "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Sex-Positive Music Makes You Riot Grrrls (Jezebel)
(Original article here) How does the new crop of sex-positive rock bands stack up against the 90s riot grrrl phenomenon?

Throw Back: The Shaggs (Tom Tom Magazine)
Although I love that it's 2010 and the Shaggs still garner attention, I've always been a lot leery of the whole concept of "outsider rock." On one hand, artists on the fringe of the fringe get promoted, and on another, the level of exploitation is high.

Hidden Costs: On Lilith Fair and Subtle Exclusion (ham blog)
Author Annaham says, "Despite its attempts at “diversity” in its most recent incarnation, the roster of performers for 2010 is still fairly…white. And middle-class — just look at the ticket prices, for one thing. And, presumably, able-bodied. And, tangentially: if Sarah McLaughlan were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or something, you KNOW she would be all over raising awareness of that condition like hippies on a drum circle, perhaps appearing in a high-profile ad campaign of some kind. She is great with that kind of “raising awareness” stuff — see, for example, her tear-inducing recent ads for the ASPCA."

Top Ten of Pat Benatar's Memoir (Broadsheet)
"Benatar writes in "Between a Heart and a Rock Place," her new memoir, "but at least I can still sing." Besides singing, Benatar had to contend with her children taking their first steps on a tour bus, rampant sexism at her record label, and being married to a member of the band -- always a recipe for a "Behind the Music" special."

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