Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rewind: Cat Power Moon Pix

Every Tuesday for the past few months I've written about an album that was released that week, or maybe a week or two earlier. It was easier when I could preview an album through LaLa or even Last.fm when they still had a listen on-demand service. Since I don't have those things available to me anymore, I've been obviously going through the motions. It's really, really hard to talk up a record you've only heard once, and even harder to talk up one you haven't heard at all. So for a few weeks I'll be going retro.

I first heard of Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, via Much Music, Canada's answer to MTV. For whatever reason, in the late 90s, my cable system added the station to our basic package, and I soon discovered it was better than MTV. "Cross Bone Style," from Moon Pix was in heavy rotation than year, and I fell in love with its off-kilter, haunting melody. The video itself was lit bright white and hypnotic. And Chan was on roller skates.

The album didn't hit me right away. I hate when people call records "growers," but I think that aptly describes Moon Pix. My favorite track from that record is the sleepy/sad "Colors and the Kids."

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