Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Heads Up For Those Of Us Not So Musically Inclined

This probably comes as a shock to no one, but I know very little about the mechanics of making music. I know what sounds good to my ears, but rarely do I have the vocabulary to tell you way.

This shouldn't be an issue, really, when the most I'm doing is talking about how music relates to popular culture and to the world at large, but every little bit of knowledge helps. Pandora's Podcast Series has been a huge help.

(Disclaimer: I do not work for Pandora, nor am I getting paid to promote their podcasts. It's just that Pandora is has been a great resource for discovering new music -- or rediscovering old music -- and these podcasts have been a godsend for the musically challenged.)

One thing I really like about this series is whether the topic is recording vocals, time signatures, or composition, they always give good, concrete examples -- usually in the form of very familiar rock, pop or indie songs.

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