Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Not My Nostalgia" Files: Boy Bands

Yesterday I read that The New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys are possibly touring together this coming spring. It was all I could to muster an unenthusiastic "eh."

Not to begrudge anyone her nostalgia, but a lot of 90s culture, especially 90s 'tween culture, had little to do with my life. I was nearing the end of my teens when NKOTB was in their prime, and well into my twenties when The Backstreet Boys were popular. The years I would have been primed and ready for 'tween pop happened during the mid-to-late 80s, arguably a terrible time for pop music. I don't even remember being a 'tween: I was a kid, and then I wasn't. I watched videos on Friday nights, when could persuade my parents to let me stay up late, or more often I watched them on Nick Rocks. The amount of airplay this song got made it my defacto 8th grade anthem:

They played the Monkees a lot, too. It's kind of odd, thinking of a generation of young girls watching the outtakes from a show their mothers' watched twenty years earlier. (Especially during the Monkees later, tripped-out, pseudo-psychedelic years.) The summer I turned twelves, Nickelodeon aired the original show and the "videos" made it to Nick Rocks. (And I know for a fact that I am not the only girl to develop a confusing crush on Peter Tork -- not the 1986 version who was older than my dad, but the young one with the dirty blond, pageboy haircut. And the harp. He had great "harp hands.") So in a way, the Monkees were my "boy band," even if I came to them two decades too late.

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