Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bible Dipping with Infinite Jest

A secular, postmodern kind of divine inspiration*:

p. 765
Grief, regret, sadness. Sadness especially, perhaps.

p. 176
This is your body. They want you to know. You will have it with you always.

p. 15
'The integrity of my sleep has been forever compromised, sir.'

p. 29
'How did you know I was interested in Byzantine erotica?'

p. 823
 Her acne scars aren't even all that bad.

*My cousin and I used send each other word prompts (probably inspired by Highlights magazine) when we were writing terrible fan fiction to amuse ourselves. This is my grown-up version of that. Grab a book -- pomo doorstoppers work best -- and scribble down the first five random passages/sentences your fingers land upon. Now use those five sentences as inspiration or a jumping-off point for a story.