Tuesday, August 18, 2015


  • Sometimes I read something really insightful about gender on an otherwise Terf-friendly site. Even when I don't agree with all of it, or much of it, it quickly becomes a game of weighing the risks of linking to something -- even in my very small world -- that could brand me as transphobic by association. No amount of signaling can can rectify this, I've learned. I get it. Shortcuts. There is only so much you can reveal online, particularly in tweet-soundbite culture (which is why I've stuck to a more traditional blog format over the years), and snap judgments rule. But there is a lot of good stuff, nuanced stuff about women and gender, out there that may not be ideologically perfect, and it's disappointing that it's not getting heard.
  • What's grosser than grabbing a towel to dry your face and realizing it's soaked with cat piss?
  • The only time my generation is mentioned anymore is when we're doing wrong by boomers and millennials. The left blogosphere likes to talk about erasure, I feel as though my entire generation has been erased. The older of us have been absorbed by the boomers, and the ones born after 1980, the millennials. I was born in the mid-seventies; I don't relate to either. I'm so Gen-X I make Ethan Hawk cry.
  • Why are only female celebrities asked if they are feminists? Oh, right.