Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Support for book banning up from 18 to 28 percent, says Harris poll

According to a recent Harris poll, support for book banning jumped from 18 to 28 percent since 2011. Still half of those polled think no books should be banned, but the jump, while disappointing, isn't all that surprising. Despite the recent outcries of left censorship,  conservatives are twice as likely to believe some books should be banned, as are those with less education. Still, censorship coming from the left shouldn't be ignored. From Reason:
Library Journal editor Lisa Peet notes that "the survey’s results would seem to show a rise in conservative attitudes toward censorship, especially in the context of school libraries." True, true, but I wonder how much of the rise in conservative censorship views can be attributed to millennials of the left? Alas, Harris offers no generational breakdown for most of the book-banning survey questions. Millennials were, however, slightly more likely than Gen X'ers to support a book rating system, and only slightly less supportive than boomer or senior counterparts.