Thursday, September 3, 2015

On and Off

Sometimes it seems as though we've gone from demonizing those who takes meds to demonizing those who don't. I'm for personal agency. If meds help, great. Some people literally can't function without them, and should never be made to feel weak or guilty for taking them. For people whom non-drug treatments work, well, they shouldn't feel shamed either.

Something I'd really like to see get more traction is how psychiatric models are based on middle-class norms, and that poor and working-class people not only lack the resources to seek mental health care, but the language of mental health care in general. Granted, this isn't the case here, but it frustrates me nonetheless. Growing up, my great-grandfather was crazy. That's what everyone said. I can now, in hindsight, see that he was most likely bipolar and the "crazy' was actually floridly manic (I remember when I was a very young child my grandfather had to go "fetch" him after he hitchhiked across several states. No one acted as though this was unusual.) Seeking mental health care, not only for a man of his generation but of his economic status, would have been considered at best decadent, and at worst, admitting personal weakness.