Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Social Justice Shaming

This is something I keep seeing more and more of as social justice activism filters into the mainstream left.

For m, I never never questioned whether I'm a bad person, because I know I'm not, even if all of the art, books, music, television I consume is "problematic," but I have questioned my politics. I've always been more a classic liberal than a progressive-leftist, but now, with the split in the two being more apparent, I've been tempted to switch sides for good, though I know that doesn't solve anything. (And I totally understand why working-class white people often vote conservatively, probably more so than educated, middle-class leftists do.)  I'm old enough that my self-esteem doesn't rely on what someone online thinks of me, but I'm more than aware of the consequences of committing a moral offense. I love off-color, even offense, humor, but I don't dare make those jokes online where every flippant comment is cataloged and archived. This is why it's so important that the left hears criticism from its own.