Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  • It's 2015, nearly 2016, and I've forgotten how to work a DVD player. I suppose this officially makes me a modern girl.
  • The inspiration for my NaNo novel: Charlotte Roche's Wetlands, Lynda Barry's Cruddy, Dennis Cooper, Harmony Korinne's Julien Donkey Boy, Derek Jarman's Jubilee (which features a very young, very cute Adam Ant), and a host of other weird shit. So I run it through the I Write Like app and it tells me I write like.... Stephanie Meyer? A later section got Chuck Palanhiuk, what I usually get on that thing when I'm not writing like Margaret Atwood. (I'm hugely flattered, but I think there are some flaws there.)
  • Choosing an AC as a migraine prophylaxis is like playing a game of side-effect Russian roulette: this one makes you stupid, this one makes you fat, this one makes you bald, and this one might possibly kill you.