Tuesday, December 1, 2015


  • Why is it acceptable in leftist circles to dismiss discussions of class when they don't involve race? It's difficult to even bring this up without wondering if someone will accuse me of racism because I think it's important to talk about white poverty as well. A lot of it has to do with who is leading these discussions. Assuming most of these online activists with large platforms are privileged on many axes, they don't see poverty when it's divorced from race, but it's become anathema to even talk about it.
  • I'm back on Twitter after a long hiatus, and Facebook after... never. No real reason other than I'm tired of isolating myself from certain platforms because of the behavior of a handful people. Tumblr, however, can suck a rotten egg.
  • I finally went through whatever had been sitting in my old Google Docs file. A page of story ideas that never materialized, posts from my old blog I drafted when Docs was still "Writerly," and drafted posts for another blog I wrote at the time that are mortifying in their banality.  I am still proud that even as an inchoate blogger, I couldn't be bothered to stay "on script." After his death, I referred to Michael Jackson as a "punchline for most of my childhood." 
  • (Actually the punchline was "I'm forever blowing Bubbles." If you know anything about 80s MJ, you can probably figure the set-up yourself.)