Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Have you been diagnosed?

I’ve criticized Everyday Feminism in the past for being too ideologically heavy-handed, but this video raises a lot of good points about bias in psychiatry.

 I’ve said this before, but not only is treatment expensive, poor people often lack the vocabulary of mental health, and therefore, less likely to seek treatment even when resources are available. And, in almost 2016, it should go without mention, but doctors aren’t above sexism and racis.

For example: a female patient and a male patient could present with similar symptoms, but the woman recieve a diagnosis of a personality disorder, while the man gets diagnosed with an affective disorder because emotionality and anger in particular are more likely to be viewed in a woman as character flaws rather than symptoms.And I've briefly written about this before, but people or color are more likely to be diagnosed as schizophrenic, which carries greater stigma than depression or bipolar disorder.