Monday, December 7, 2015


A lack of disadvantage isn't necessarily a privilege. This is one of my biggest problems with privilege theory. As I am typing this, I have seeing privilege (if I removed my contact lenses, I guess I wouldn't), technological privilege (okay, a big one, but more a function of living in a wealthy, western country -- a big advantage itself), educational privilege (again, a function of living in a wealthy, westernized country)...

You get the idea.

Walking privilege

The lack of accessibility for people with disabilities is a huge problem. I absolutely agree we should be talking about it. What I disagree with is how this argument is framed within a "privileged-not privileged" narrative. More and more I see this used as a way to guilt people without working toward solutions. Recognizing your "privilege" is enough activism. It also further otherizes those without said "privilege."