Monday, January 25, 2016

90s makeup is in

Want to feel old?

 I think the lipstick should be browner -- and more matte. To achieve a proper 90s look, lips should be the color of clay, like you literally kissed dirt. My go-to lipstick was Revlon's Toast of New York, which was still, for the era, considered "red." Fingernails" Channel Vamp, obvs, which seems comparatively tame today. I couldn't afford it, so I made my own by blending black polish from the Halloween store with the darkest drugstore red (which, at the time, was Revlon's Raven Red).

Other essential 90s colors:

Mac Chelsea: dirt brown. Darker than than Twig, which is still around for that "Rachel" look.
Mac Jungle Juice: black purple, which kind of looked like this, but no one should turn to Grandpaboy for style advice.
Revlon: Coffee Bean. Shiny happy brown lips
Mac Paramount: Notice a trend? Mac had the flat, dark lips down pat. This was my "dressed-up" brown. More burgandy. Like a chic Courtney Love.
Wet 'n Wild Razzle Dazzle: I probably bought this for the name. Dark purple-plum. Dirt cheap.
Trucco Tainted: Does anyone else remember Trucco, Sebastian's make-up line? There's was my holy grail before my town had a free-standing Mac store. Sheer brown-plum.
Clinique Black Honey and Black Lily: These two were quite similar, though Black Lily had a bit more punch. I still wear the former.