Monday, February 1, 2016

Self-care or infantilizing women?

I found this link on Advice Goddess the other day. The comments were disappointing, though preditable. I have a few issues with narrative surrounding self-care. (Can't you see how careful I'm being here.) One big one is that being able to practice "self-care" is a huge entitlement itself. Not only do most women -- and I'm talking the vast swath of women who exist outside the feminist blog world -- lack the resources or time to perform self-care, they don't even have the concept of it. Juggling two jobs? Trying to take care of aging parents and children on a budget so tight that you have to choose between eating and electricity? Self-care is a fucking fantasy! The truth is self-care isn't a reality for most women.

And puppy rooms and coloring books are infantilizing, but if they what work for you, great . It should be okay to hold these two contrasting opinions in your head at the same time.