Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The right and PC

Why is it that so many on the right have a problem with this? Is it because they think “bimbo,” “n***er,” “k**e,” “wop,” “beaner,” and other slurs are appropriate for everyday conversation? -- Mark E. Anderson for The Daily Kos
No. Most people on the right don't think it's appropriate to pepper casual conversation with as many slurs that will fit a single tweet. What people on the right and the left are arguing against are the hardline tactics progressives (and this is one area where liberals and progressives really need to be separated) take policing speech: labeling certain opinions as completely off-limits, words being refashioned as "violence," deplatforming those who fail to fall in lockstep, going after some nobody's employer because they said something idiotic on their Facebook page, etc. These are all valid concerns and certainly not limited to right-wing rednecks who think "they're takin' away mu' FREEDOM!" (Oh look, a stereotype.)