Monday, March 21, 2016

" Not so long ago it was 'all must have prizes'; now it’s 'all must have student centers.'"

I have a hard time believing someone isn't being punked here, but as stories of college students publishing lists of "demands" occur weekly now, I don't know whether to laugh or fear for our future:
[F]ree condoms, free tampons, free menstrual pads, free testing for sexually transmitted diseases. . ” Why? “To combat “the tremendous amount of discrimination our students face and the consequences those interactions have on our college experience”?
Tampons and pads are tools of the patriarchy. Why not just mandate free bleeding instead? And yeah, free STD testing is a pretty good idea, but last time I checked, sexually transmitted disease don't discriminate.
“Demands to hire more left-leaning faculty, create residence communities geared toward specific group identity, and employ more counselors. . . “
Aren't most professors left-leaning?
“LGBTQ students want professors to ask students what pronouns and names they use at the beginning of each course and to use only those pronouns in names. They also want to ‘diversify curriculums to include LGBTQIA+ topics and history'”.
Again, this isn't a bad idea on the surface. (Though, ask pronoun preference before each class? That's a tad excessive.) I have an issue with mandated diversity, of course, and teaching LGBT history runs the risk of being revisionist. This doesn't mean not to teach it, but when you try to retroactively label historical figures as gay or trans under the umbrella of "diversity," it's intellectually dishonest.
Punishment for faculty who fail students (I’ll have to see this one with my own eyes to believe it)
Yeah. No.