Mission Statement

Why a new blog and why now? For the past two years I wrote about music for a women's website and found it increasingly difficult to find information about female artists, especially in the male-dominated black hole known as the blogosphere. Harder yet to find other women writing about music. I chalked it up to "not looking hard enough."

As a few of my posts went further into the politics of being a female music writer and fan, I began noticing my male friends -- guys who proudly call themselves feminists -- rarely listen to music written and performed by women.

Like, duh.

I hate blogs with an agenda, but I'm ready to blog with a purpose. This isn't my first music blog, nor will it probably be my last. (I have a history of starting blogs only to put them out of their misery a few months later.) But this is the first one I feel really excited about. I hope I can bring attention to women artists, and women as writers and critics.

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  1. I love your blog and I think it is great that you're writing about women in music. Thanks.