Friday, May 21, 2010

Links & Bits for 5/21/10

My thoughts on Chloe Angyal's Miley Cyrus post for Tiger Beatdown, or why I fight (Feminist Music Geek)
Pretty though-provoking response to the original Tiger Beatdown post. Being well into thirties and having no daughters, I have no opinion on the video itself, but if it gets people -- smart, opinionated women-people, talking about pop culture's influence, keep 'em coming.

Dancing With Gaga (FWD/Forward)
Videos of sign language performances of Lady Gaga songs

Sia Discusses "The Horrors Of Fame," Contemplates Career Switch (Idolator)
She says of her current rising stardom: "I went from being a nobody, to having one or two fans outside the stage door, to maybe 60, screaming and drunk, all wanting autographs, photos of us together and hugs. Some people crave this sort of attention, but for a sensitive person, fame is a recipe for disaster. I love making and performing music, but the social contract around it can be so unhealthy"

band dudes & being shitty to women (total trash)
My club days are long over, but can I get an "amen" in here? There have been too many times I've left a show because the alternative was being groped by my fellow concert goers.

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