Friday, September 10, 2010

Links & Bits for 9/10/10

Sick Of This: Mental Illness in Pop Culture (Bitch Blogs)
"In Hollywood, even as women are treated as mentally ill for daring to be different, women who really are experiencing mental illness are also held under a lens. It's rare for people to come out publicly about living with mental illness in Hollywood, thanks to the stigma associated with it. Yet, somehow, the media manages to come up with diagnoses. It follows women who are experiencing psychiatric crises with prurient interest and blazons the pictures across the front page."

Florence + the Machine: The Autostraddle Interview (Autostraddle)
"According to Florence Welch, aka Florence + The Machine, her debut album ‘Lungs’ deals with “whatever the f*ck comes out of my mouth”. In that respect, that album and this interview are very similar. Florence chats to Autostraddle about David Bowie, the timelessness of death, and her fondness for hip hop & shiny objects."

The Dresden Dolls and M.I.A. announce tour dates. (Separately, of course, but that would be an awesome double bill.)

the xx wins the 2010 Mercury Prize (The Guardian)

Download a new song from Marnie Stern (Paste Magazine)

Duet to Me One More Time (I Fry Mine In Butter)
"When you talk about duets, basically you’re talking about Babs and Barry. Guilty to be exact. Guilty is my personal holy karaoke song, which I will be singing in front of a live, drunken audience with Raymond by my side. “What Kind of Fool” was the first song I ever heard from this album. I’m pretty sure this was one of the tunes in La Mommie’s stable of Babs songs. I also remember she used to get cheesed whenever my sister and I would shake ourselves while singing to imitate Barry Gibbs. In other news, I seem to recall La Mommie owning that same outfit Babs is wearing. Ten bucks says Babs got hers from White House/Black Market too."

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