Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lost and Found (Song): Jarboe - Lavender Girl

Due to a complete lack of inspiration, I've been rereading Andrea Juno's Angry Women in Rock. It's a little -- okay a lot -- heavy on punkier side of rock, and it's pretty dated (it was published in 1996), but I'm finding a lot of artists I missed the first time around.

Jarboe was a member of Swans with Michael Gira, but has gone on to a pretty intriguing solo career (they reformed earlier this year). On touring with the band:

"I had to be macho. I had to be tough. I had lug my own equipment and everything. I owned myself; I couldn't ask for any help. I had to be in an enclosed bus with everyone chain-smoking and not say anything even though i didn't smoke or drink or do drugs the; I was completely 'straight' in every sense of the word. I had ti put up with almost constant drunkenness from nearly every member of the group, constant chain-smoking and a whole behavior system that was counter to my way of thinking., which involved body-building and vegetarianism." (Angry Women in Rock)

I really know how to describe this -- it's pretty far from my comfort zone. "Lavender Girl" is goth, electronic, perfectly orchestrated trippiness.

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