Monday, October 18, 2010

Earworm of the Day: Nico - My Funny Valentine

I admit it, I've always love Nico's voice: Smokey, croaky, loaded with deadpan indifference, but still achingly vulnerable. When I first got my hands on Velvet Underground and Nico, I was immediately drawn to it, in part because I had a really deep singing myself and only with much effort could push myself into mezzo range. Women weren't supposed to sound like that. Most of the singers I was listening to at the time had high, chripy voices, or traditionally "pretty" ones. (Note: I'd yet to discover Nina Simone, Odetta, or even Patti Smith.) Nico's was otherworldly.

"My Funny Valentine" comes from her final solo album, 1985's Camera Obscura.

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