Friday, October 1, 2010

Links & Bits for 10/1/10

B-Sides: Sleater-Kinney Reloaded (Bitch Blogs)
"The Corin Tucker Band is releasing their first album 1,000 Years on October 5th. Tucker joined forces with Sara Lund (Unwound) and Seth Lorinczi (Golden Bears) who Tucker played with at a benefit show last year."

Hey Ladies: Pop Stars Vs. Role Models (NPR)
"Today's superstar pop divas are pre-packaged and derivative, in Kaplan's eyes. But the chief pop critic of the Los Angeles Times disagrees."

Author Sara Marcus, "Girls to the Front" Tells it Like it Was (Tom Tom Magazine)
"We just got our copy of Sara Marcus’s long-awaited book about Riot Grrrl history, Girls to the Front, and were dying to ask Sara some questions. She kindly responded quicker than we thought so we threw her answers up today. Thanks Sara."

Why it doesn't bother me that Elastica stole from Wire (Feminist Music Geek)
"So, the cool kids already knew back in 1995 that the answer to the “Oasis or Blur” question was “Pulp.” In 1995, I certainly knew I was supposed to like Sheffield’s underdogs who rose from years of obscurity to deliver “Common People,” which is all the more relevant today as trust-fund kids remove the band’s class consciousness to ape their deadpan sensibility and ironic sartorial statements, which seem to be modeled after what European teenagers were wearing in the 80s according to my high school French textbooks. I did like them, and continued to after their 2002 split."

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