Friday, October 29, 2010

Links & Bits for 10/29/10

Bad body image day songs (Feministing)
"Yesterday was a bad body image day, and since I had a lot of work to do and couldn’t afford to spend time thinking about my thighs, I decided I had better put together a playlist that would turn the day around. I dragged and dropped a few songs from my iTunes, and I solicited the advice of my friends and Twitter followers."

Why Feminist Pop Criticism Matters (Bitch Blogs)
"Creating art is walking through a minefield, especially in a society like this one that doesn't really do much to support said art. And since many of us critics are also creators, we know that we don't want to discourage creation, we want to make it better."

My Mic Sounds Gay: Saluting Out and Proud Female Emcees (Autostraddle)
"While several articles have been written about Nicki Minaj and her alleged bisexuality, no one has been talking about the high percentage of same-gender-loving female emcees or how that may play a part in the lack of girl rhyme slayers being given their time in the limelight."

Quote of the week goes to Jessica Hopper, because this is also a huge pet peeve of mine:
"Oh, jeez, in the compendium of rock critic cliches, few things are as annoying like the male rock comparing women artists to other women that they sound nothing like."

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