Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rewind: Throwing Muses - S/T

I just finished reading Kristin Hersh's new book, Rat Girl. It's a pretty interesting look into not only her life in the Muses early days, but her creative process. (She's synesthetic: seeing colors in sound.)

I wanted to go back to the Muses first, their self-titled album, but it's unavailable as a single record right now. The two-disc set, In a Doghouse, contains both that album, and the EP Chains Changed. It was one of the first albums I had a visceral reaction to. It scared me, and I put it away for a long time after that first encounter. It was a lot of emotion to take it all at once -- almost too raw and suffocatingly close. But I learned to see the beauty in that.

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