Friday, November 5, 2010

Links & Bits for 11/5/10

Took the Sweet Life and Never Knew I'd Be Bitter From the Sweet: Confessional Lady Songs (I Fry Mine In Butter)
"Generally speaking, the word “lady” used as a prefix tends to make my skin spontaneously ignite. Still there is no greater nomenclature for the kind of introspective cut concerning itself with the loves, losses, regrets and Sophie’s Choices of female pop artists, which is then set to a Delilah-licious arrangement. Regardless of the era in which the song was released, Confessional Lady Songs always sound best if the listener is trapped on a long road trip with a broken CD player and no AUX port, folding clothes while feeling badly about one’s self or alone on a Saturday night drinking quite heavily."

Video Roundup (Bitch Blogs)
"MTV has been long dead as a go-to for watching music videos. That doesn't mean they've stopped being made! Or being awesome! Here's four new videos by stellar artists that are as fun to watch as they are to listen to."

The Orientalism of Nicki Minaj (Racialicious)
"No, what annoys me the most is how we’ve seen female pop stars do Minaj’s Orientalist bullshit before: Gwen Stefani, and Madonna before her, have borrowed heavily from Asian culture, with little regard for the authenticity or appropriateness of their actions. It sucked then, and it sucks even more now that Minaj thinks she’s stumbled upon something unique and clever."

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