Friday, November 19, 2010

Links & Bits for 11/19/10

NPR asks you to Nominate Your Favorite Albums Of 2010 (All Songs Considered)

Congratulations to Patti Smith for winning a National Book Award for her memoir, Just Kids (The Guardian)

Beatles catalog on iTunes: Let's do the '15 Meme' for the Fabs (Pop & Hiss)
"I never do those "15" lists my Facebook friends post -- you know the ones that ask you to not think too hard, and just list the top films-albums-books-china pattern that have shaped your identity? I hate lists! No one can reduce me to a number! And yet ... somehow today such impromptu classifications seem appropriate."

Grinding in Obscurity (PostBourgie)
"... it paints [Bettye] LaVette as a charismatic, somewhat capricious lady with a really complicated relationship to her fame — or lack thereof. Motown, Stax and the like didn’t know what to do with her voice, and she resents the fact that she never blew up, even as she’s sort of glad it never happened. (She also sort of hates music.)"

MIA: 'People forgot what it's like to be punk' (The Guardian)
"Much of MIA's conversation is not unlike a work of abstract art; once transcribed on to the page, it can be read and re-read and parsed for meanings, of which any number might emerge. Her sentences frequently end with, "Do you know what I mean?", but I very seldom do, so I tend to have a stab and suggest an interpretation, with which she usually concurs. But whether it really was what she meant is anyone's guess, for I get the feeling that were I to propose an entirely different meaning, she'd just as easily agree with that one instead."

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