Monday, November 22, 2010

Ms. Deejay

I need to steer this blog back on course. I've written far too many posts that strayed from my original narrative, women and music.

One thing I love about Pandora is the ability to create "radio stations" using a couple (or more) disparate artists and finding those unexpected artistic connections, so I thought I cue one up using two artists whose music I don't listen to enough: Bjork and Lila Downs.

This was the result. Here's a sample playlist from yesterday afternoon:

Jack Costazo - "Melado De Cana"
Feist - "1 2 3 4"
Bjork - "Oceania"
Emiliana Torrini - "Fingertips"
Lamb - "Heaven"
Lila Downs - "Ofrenda"
Mazzy Star - "Fade Into You"

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