Friday, December 3, 2010

Links & Bits for 12/3/10

My Punk Renaissance (Persephone Magazine)
"Tracing my relationship to punk music and figureheads is like skipping a stone across a large pond—over time I’ve consistently stumbled across and appreciated random people tangentially related to the punk movement, like Janis Joplin, who died before punk ever got off the ground, and embodied more of punk’s spirit and ethos than it’s sweeping musical changes anyway. I’d say the most accurate way to describe my relationship to punk is that I’m moving backwards in time, working my way in reverse to the classics."
Starman, Queen Bitch, and Me (Bitch Blogs)
"David Bowie is the root of my music obsession. He's not the first rock star I fell in love with and he won't be the last, and indeed "falling in love" isn't even the right way to describe it. He's an alien father figure from some gorgeous future in which you reproduce in beautiful glittery dreams, and he's never let me down."
Nicki Minaj and hip-hop misogyny (Feministe)
"At what point does the narrative of an aggressive female hip-hop artist with crazy sex appeal, and solid street sensibilities become just the opposite — a tale of faux-bravado, empty rhetoric, and deceptive stage gimmicks that only thinly masks a desperation to transcend the confines of one’s true identity? And what does it mean for our music and our people if mainstream black culture can’t tell the difference?"
And courtesy of Autostraddle, Margaret Cho and Tegan and Sara in a hilarious video for the song "Intervention":

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