Friday, January 7, 2011

Links & Bits for 1/7/11

It's teen idols week. Kind of.

Music Monday: Teen Idols Edition (What Tami Said)
Like I said, I was too young to have experienced the Jackson 5's hey day. Although, I remember some of my earliest issues of Tiger Beat tried to make some sort of sexy off between the Jacksons and the Osmonds happen. I always thought that was weird. I mean the Osmonds? They were too squeaky clean even for my six-year-old self. And, I mean, save Donny and Marie, what other Osmond is lust-worthy? Merle?
Wherefore Art Thou, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Persephone Magazine)
I gradually forgot all about him, and never would have reconnected with my long-lost crush had I not been watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars this November. The theme song was just wrapping up on Episode 18, when who should show up in a bit part as a troubled, camo-wearing teen (I can’t spoil more than that, but let’s just say I’m dying to read Luci’s recap), but my long-lost Jonathan?
A Brief Chat With Yoko Ono (PopMatters)
Yoko Ono may be the most popular septuangenarian you'll ever hear at a club. In a brief chat with PopMatters, she talks about dance remixes, her lack of regrets, and how another name of life for her is Surprise . . .
Lauryn Hill and Fan Expectations in a Down Economy (Racialicious)
But the question that’s been sticking in my mind since reading about that show is this: given that people went to see her in the wake of the snowstorm that hit New York over Christmas weekend, and the economy being what it is, when does fan expectation become entitlement? And when does showmanship cross over into self-indulgence?

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