Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music/Blogging Project

(via B. Michael)

Semi-retired music journalist, Sick Mouthy, proposed this idea for the first week of April:
I’m going to suggest the first full week of April (Monday 4th to Sunday 10th) for this little social experiment, and I want you to join in. If you’re a music fan, writer, lover, maker, or whatever, and you keep a blog or website of any kind, join in. For a full week make a note of everything you listen to, and any contextual details you care to add to it, and throw it up online. You might want stick something on Tumblr every time you listen to something, or you might save up and write a massive missive at the end of the week. You might list every single song in detail, or merely impart in passing that you spent an hour with a dubstep playlist. Just tell us about it.
I really like this idea. One, because I am a nerd and like to catalog things; and two, because I'm hard up for blog fodder. Even better if instead of merely cataloging everything we listen to, we provide some kind of commentary along with it. I more or less do the former with (my sometimes questionable taste is there for all the world to see), but I've always been fascinated with why people chose the music they do. As of right now, the brunt of my music listening is for this site or for working out, so maybe I could use this as an opportunity to enjoy music in a relaxed sort of way again.

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