Friday, February 11, 2011

Links & Bits for 2/11/11

We R Who We R? (Persephone Magazine)
Ke$ha isn’t original; she may be more marketed or have a better styling budget, but let’s stop pretending her stuff doesn’t have a history. Furthermore, black acts from back in the day continue to struggle with royalty payments and financial sustainability, while Ke$ha makes a mint in cash and Glad bag dresses, and it bugs the hell out of me.
An Open Letter to Lady GaGa, From a Fan and Fellow Feminist (Feministing)
There will be people who say that you shouldn’t be criticized because you created a song that is supposed to be positive and life affirming. But if you want to create something positive, you need to listen to such criticism. If you’re using language that is hurtful and offensive, then you have not achieved your objective.
Black Invisibility and Racism in Punk Rock by Tasha Fierce (HipMama via Racialicious)
Invisibility is paired with racism. Once I got here, they had insults waiting. The invisibility manifests in the fact that they don't even know a black person could like punk. The racism illuminates the reality that, although I have that one thing in common with them, I am still an alien being. Maybe it’s because punk hasn't been infiltrated by blacks for as long as some other forms of music, and they don't know how to act around a black person who likes anything other than rap or R&B.

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