Monday, October 20, 2014

My WIP via the internets

Over the past few weeks, I've written a few preliminary scenes or chapter sketches that may or may not end up in my NaNo novel. For fun, I decide to run what I had through a few online classifiers. Here's what I got.

I Write Like

Story intro: James Joyce
short passage about MC's past which includes shoplifting and vandalism: Chuck Palahniuk

Conclusion: my writing is muddled and full of swear words. Also, I Write Like is really addictive and ego-boosting.

Seriously, I don't think either of these is terribly far off. I tried writing the intro with a definite "voice" that bordered on free writing. And I actually like Chuck Palahniuk a lot and see myself aping his style every once in a while. I tried it with another short story I wrote a while back that dealt most with gender roles and male-female relationships and got Margaret Atwood.


Gender Classifier
female: 76.2%
male: 23.8%

My MC is indeed a girl.

Age Classifier (top three)
26-25: 21.5%
18-25: 19.9 %
65-100: 19.4%

She's nineteen. So close enough? Most of what I write falls in that funny gray area of being a little too sophisticated for YA. I don't know which part pegged me a senior citizen.

Classics (top three)
1. Frank Baum
2. Oscar Wilde
3. Mark Twain

I think Wilde is the modern fiction everyman here.

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