Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quoted: Rebecca Solnit on the politics of class

And without going too far into the ninety-car pileup the late sixties resembles to one who was playing with plastic horsies during that ear, it does seem that the countercultural Left hijacked progressive politics and made it into something that was almost guaranteed to alienate most working people. I grew up with that Left, encouraged to despise "rednecks and white trash" -- the racism of some working-class white southerners became a handy excuse for middle-class elsewhere to carry on the class war while feeling progressive. -- Rebecca Solnit from Hope in the Dark
From a ten-year-old book, but in light of the recent midterm elections and the media's narrative of democrats losing the working-class white male vote, still relevant. Class is an issue progressives don't like to talk about. Classism in liberal and progressive circles is normalized and encouraged: "They're not like us." It allows progressive to ignore their own bigotry.

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