Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Is that a Santa suit in the closet?" and other holiday myths

I love these stories on when children stopped believing in Santa Claus. Ten and twelve-year-olds, though? That's pretty advanced isn't it? I think I must have been four or five.  I got it into my head that what Santa was doing was breaking and entering. (We didn't have a chimney. Myth busted from the jump.) I asked my mom if Santa was real. She said something like, "if you believe in him, he's real to you." (Which sounds like something from a movie, doesn't it? Maybe I've incorporated The Great Pumpkin into my childhood memories.) Anyway, being a ridiculously pragmatic child, I pressed her for the truth. Santa myth, busted.

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  1. I was one of those 12 year olds who still believed. And my parents slipped up.. continuously. I noticed the similar hand-writing, and the fact that we had the same wrapping paper, but I still thought it was totally legit. I chalked it all up to sheer coincidence.

    My parents also gaslit me one year when they forgot to put out eggs from the Easter bunny, and told me that the Easter bunny actually comes Easter MONDAY. Then the next year it was back to Sunday and 'nobody remembered' the year it was a Monday, even though I insisted for years it was a Monday one year (I think was maybe four).

    It was when I was about 12 that my mom sat me down and basically said "C'mon, really? You haven't figured it out yet?" and I was all "Umm.. pffft. yeah. Of COURSE I did... erm."