Thursday, January 15, 2015

Video of the Day: Jonathan Rauch on Speech Codes; Offendedness

I usually post videos without comment; however, saying nothing, particularly after just writing about self-censorship, is hypocritical, but further proves my point. In light of the massacre in France, free speech has gotten a lot of attention even from those who try to suppress it (though it's incredibly naive to view what happened simply as an issue of free speech).

If you're a person on the left, trigger warnings and speech codes on college campuses are difficult to talk about alienating some of your peers. A lot of the same people that decry the killing of the French cartoonists have no issue with speech codes and trigger warnings -- some even welcome them. And while it's true "freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism," authoritarian means of correcting "bad thoughts," not just on college campuses, but on social media where sites exist to get those who say the wrong things fired, it's necessary for those on the left who think there's something ethically wrong with that to speak out.