Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What does your taste in music say about you?


57 %57 %enjoys reflective and complex music
81 %81 %enjoys edgy and aggressive music
1 %1 %enjoys fun and simple music
75 %75 %enjoys energetic and upbeat music

People with high scores on the energetic and aggressive music-preference dimension tend to enjoy taking risks and engaging in thrilling experiences. They also tend to be dominant, imaginative, and energetic. They tend to be politically liberal, and believe that freedom, independence, and excitement are important aspects of life. When it comes to lifestyle, lovers of edgy and aggressive music, tend to come from the middle to lower classes. As for media entertainment, they're likely to enjoy watching action, science fiction, fantasy, war, and horror movies.

People with high scores on the energetic and upbeat music-preference dimension tend to be extraverted, relaxed, romantic, creative, and physically active. Friendships, freedom, and social recognition provide their lives with meaning and guidance. For a good party, fans of energetic and upbeat music, are the ones to call. Compared to people who do not like energetic and upbeat music, they tend to enjoy watching action movies, science fiction movies, gangster/mobster movies, comedy movies, and erotic films.
 Basically this means I have anger issues but still like to dance dance dance.

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