Wednesday, April 1, 2015


  •  Kristen Clodfelter from Salon makes a salient point about #boycottindiana: "More complicated, however, is the rally cry from everyday consumers who have spent the afternoon vocalizing their refusal henceforth to step foot in an Indiana hotel, restaurant, gas station, or any other place of business until this bill is overturned. As an ally and advocate, I totally get that impulse. But it’s wrong. LGBT people and equality allies live and work in this state too, and right now they need our support and our presence more than ever." The left likes to ignore this when it's convenient. Wilco canceled its Indiana concert, and Sherman Alexie his speaking gig, which is within their rights, but it still amounts to a lot of signaling. How about promoting some of Indiana's LGBT-friendly businesses rather than boycotting an state that nearly 200,000 gay people call home? Some Indiana-based music labels feel the same way.
  • Does anyone else get this overwhelming sense of anxiety when linking to a blogger you've haven't properly vetted? There are a number of people I feel I am supposed to hate, but am not exactly sure why.
  • Speaking of being improperly vetted.
  • Talking about masculinity after a mass killing (because the defining link among most mass killings is... dudes) is a good idea, and one most major news outlets ignore, but limiting that discussion to "aggrieved entitlement" isn't. Without being too "what about teh menz!!!" about it, I'd like to see more on the intersection of mental illness and masculinity -- I mean how men present (angry rather weepy), their resistance to treatment, and the stigma attached to something that can be seen as "weak."