Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shame Game

Megan McArdle  makes a salient point about shaming, social media outrage, and who is most likely to be affected by it:
To be sure, a lot of folks certainly seem terrified by the possibility of being attacked by roving bands of verbal vigilantes. Yet I notice two things about these fears that raise some questions about the tactic's usefulness. First of all, the fears are strongest among people who are politically allied with the shame-stormers. And second, the people who are afraid don't fear being found out for their dark transgressions; they fear being unjustly attacked.
To add to that, Elizabeth Nolan Brown notes that only she and her colleague, Cathy Young, were the only two Reason writers added to the Block Bot list. Both have been critical of progressives and feminism from the inside-out, which angers lots of feminists more so than, say, Robby Soave or other male writers who've been critical of rape culture.

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