Wednesday, May 13, 2015


  • Someone on the left whose neither a white male nor a token Fox liberal needs to come out and say all these things and risk being branded an apostate. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks their tribe jumped the shark with all the hashtag activism, trigger warnings, and designated safe spaces.
  • Watching these videos makes me long for an extended tour, and I'm not one to indulge in nostalgia. I've seen Paul as a solo artist a few times, but never have I seen him look so happy to be performing again.
  • Not sad about it.
  • Kind of sad about this, though.
  • I'm trying new things with this blog, primarily, not jumping on every outrage story without properly investigating it first. It's hard to ignore something once it's viral, and perspective becomes irrelevant. Not only irrelevant, but daring to suggest that maybe it's better to step back and look at facts first is anathema. I'd be a very happy person if I never again had to hear the words "rape apologist"after someone questions the veracity of campus rape statistics.