Monday, June 29, 2015


  • I went to our local pride parade this Sunday. Part of me wanted to celebrate the landmark SCOTUS decision to legalize same-sex marriage, and part of me just didn't want to be part of a festival sponsored by a chemical company. I did my time, I think, and I miss the pride parades of yore full of leathermen and dykes on bikes and other assorted weirdos. Sorry, I do.
  • I'd watch.
  • This kid is really telling a 61-year-old comedian how to be funny? (And using the aforementioned Schumer as an example of comedy that cares? Wha?)
  • I haven't said anything about the tide of confederate flag removal yet. There isn't anything I can say that hasn't been said other than I never thought government buildings should be displaying it in the first place, but as someone who grew up listening to punk bands who wore swastikas and parading offensive symbols for shock vale, it's nothing more than a performative gesture to make the executive decision to stop selling confederate flag memorabilia in your stores while minorities remain disproportionately stuck in low-paying positions. 
  • I can't tell if this is parody or not.  Lately most of what  I read on feminist or feminist-leaning blogs sounds like bad feminist parody, which probably has a lot to do with my getting old or something, but in short, Taylor Swift is terrible because she wants to much. The horror.
  • Ha-Hah!