Saturday, July 4, 2015


  • Nothing says punk rock like a wrap dress from H&M! TLC is airing a marathon of What Not To Wear, the show I hate watched off-and-on during its decade-long run. My issues are primarily with gender expression (some women seriously do not want to "dress feminine." Why is this such a hard concept for fashion people to grasp?) and "lifestyle" dressing, meaning not everyone has works or plays in a conventional (read: white, middle-class) environment that requires safe, inoffensive dress, but even considering that, enough with the cookie cutter looks. Wrap dress? Check. Chic blazer? Check. Bag? Check. Pop of color? Check. The older British version subverted that a bit, I think, or at least allowed for some semblance of personal style. 
  • Camp NaNo is underway. I'm not going to bore anyone with weekly updates, which I tend to rely on as a crutch because I can't be bothered to write about anything else and I do love the meta. It's going. That's my update.
  • I always thought swinging from a chandelier was metaphorical?
  • Despite student request, Columbia is not putting trigger warnings on reading lists. Trigger warnings shouldn't even be a consideration for an institute of higher learning in my opinion, but hey, feelings. Words and ideas harm people or something. 
  • Somewhat related: it's been years since I linked my blog at any of the feminist or ostensibly feminist places I used to. Part of it is because I don't call myself a feminist anymore and it doesn't seem correct to (even when I still agree with the goals of feminism), but mostly I just can't adhere to the ideological perfection demanded from feminist sites. It's not like I pride myself on being crude or cruel, but I'm tired of culling through every word for the tiniest possible offense. What's really sad is that there are fewer opportunities for female writers who aren't part of some feminist collective -- no matter how tangentially.