Thursday, September 17, 2015


  • Last night I dreamed I wanted to go back to college, so I signed up to take the SATs and when I got there all the of vocabulary/logic questions had been replaced by celebrity trivia because actually forcing possible incoming freshman to think might trigger them. Being an old-ass person who knows squat about The Real Housewives or Tan Mom's current love interest, the new questions triggered me, so I stole a test and went home to watch copious amounts of E! television. 
  • Of course it's Oberlin.  With these kinds of "microaggressions run amok" stories surfacing at least once a week, shouldn't we be numb to them by now? 
  • On The Issues has updated their VoteMatch quiz in case you haven't decided whom from the clown car of candidates to pick. My top matches were, not surprisingly, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. (Both of whom I'd say were better on civil liberties -- important to me --  than the libertarian-esque Rand Paul, whose campaign has all but disappeared.) My top match in the past president category was Jimmy Carter, the first person I ever voted for in a second-grade mock election. (Reagan won by a margin of 26-1!). My second choice was... Al Gore? Yes, Gore's fifteen minutes of presidency. I remember it well. 
  • My 70-year-old father just discovered the joy of "Ok Google." I've created a monster! And I don't even use that app myself. I have no problem talking to myself all day, but I just can't bring myself to talk to an inanimate object.