Monday, September 7, 2015


  • That moment when you get a new phone and inadvertently take 15 pictures of your cat's butt because you hit multi-shot mode by mistake? Old lady, new technology.
  • I'm up to number two in the library queue for Jonathan Franzen's new book Purity, and I'm not reading any of the reviews. Not because I don't want to be spoiled but because I know exactly what they'll say, particularly those coming from the leftist-feminist-activist world. The truth is, I shouldn't have to think about what feminists' think of a book, but because it's seeped its way into culture in a way that there are now "rules" for how books (or any art I guess) should be viewed, I assume I'm not supposed to like it. And I haven't even read the damn thing!
  • Chrissie Hynde is a slut-shamer? This article is a good-counterpoint to that meme. I agree with this, too: "I think Hynde is being way too hard on herself. It sounds, to me, like she’s angry with her younger self for being so na├»ve. Maybe taking the blame is her way of feeling in control after being made to feel so helpless?" (Bolded mine.) As a means of taking back control, probably not the healthiest, but the world isn't a gender studies class.