Monday, October 5, 2015


  • South Park is killing it this season. As someone who lives in a formerly working-class area that was recently granted a cute, bourgie nickname along with an art gallery and a bevy of eateries, I approve. Kudos to the AV Club for linking the kind of gentrification going in in working-class neighborhoods across America with a kind of "gentrification" happening to entertainment. 
  • "The answer is yes, at least of the most highly publicized, most fear-inducing cases of stranger shootings, by and large they are angry young men,” said Dr.Appelbaum [a Columbia university psychiatrist who specializes in attacks like the one that happened in Oregon last week.] “But that doesn’t get you very far, because there are a lot of angry young men who are angry for all kinds of reasons, and unless one wants to lock them all up or put them all under 24-hour surveillance, it’s really impossible to build on a description that general to come up with effective preventative approaches.” But at least taking about the "angry white man" phenomenon is a start, and one most media outlets are more than happy to ignore. Psychological background checks would incriminate a lot of people and places undo stigma on mentally ill people, who are more likely to be the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators. but as I've been saying for years, we need to talk about men and mental health.
  • Is Carly Fiorina a feminist? Does anyone but Fiorina herself get to make that call? Short answer: no.
  • When did "embarrassed of" become acceptable? I mean grammatically. Shouldn't it be "embarrassed by?" or "ashamed of?"