Thursday, November 5, 2015


  • I re-watched The To-Do List the other day. Impressively (and sadly) the wardrobe is spot-on. People forget that a teenage girl in the early nineties was more likely to dress like Tracey Gold than Courtney Love. Also, "You got a dick under than poncho?" Best pick-up line ever.
  • I'm happy to see further deconstruction of gender and gender identity from feminists bloggers unhappy with how discussions of gender have been handled the past few years. For anyone not identifiably trans, the options for gender expression have become more, not less, limited unless you can claim (and I know this sounds offensive, but I think it's appropriate) some sort vanity gender like demigirl, or genderqueer. (And as someone old enough to know queer as a slur, I'm not really a fan of the latter.)
  • My NaNo novel is far bloodier than I expected. I had this great, edgy, oh so literary idea that, at best, qualifies as black humor, but is really an exercise in letting myself be as politically incorrect as I want to be. 
  • Ideologues shouldn't be thought leaders. Just saying. 
  • I"m on instagram now.Yay.