Sunday, February 28, 2016


  • So.. I don't know where this blog is heading. I've been apathetic about posting here for a while now, and yes, this comes in waves with me and usually I just ride it out until I find something that piques my interest, but stand-alone blogs are dinosaurs in the online world these days unless you have enough of an audience and I'm tired of writing for free. 
  • Plus I'm so over adult temper tantrums. Is it me or has there been a significant increase someone is crying "oppression" over not being invited to perform at the oscars, or demanding modeling jobs despite experience or body type? Or are we simply giving in? It used to be okay to laugh at the entitled behavior of celebrities, but now everything is presented as systemic injustice so we have to at least pretend to pay attention.
  • You're pretty "safe" at Harvard or Yale, too. 
  • I'm not much of a fan of Melissa Harris Perry's show these days (or any cable news show for that matter), but the treatment she's getting after "walking off" her show -- by the way the media is spinning it, and from random online yahoos -- is predictable, sexist, and disappointing.